German Shepherd Dog Information and Pictures

German Shepherds

German Shepherd Dog

Behind Border Collies and Poodles, The German Shepherd Dog is third for intelligence. German Shepherd is the world's most famous and best working dogs. They are very active and strong dogs. German Shepherds have a solid muscle has a slightly elongated body with a light, sturdy bone structure.
Size : German Shepherds are large sized dogs, generally between 55 and 65 centimetres (22 and 26 in) at the withers, with an ideal height of 63 centimetres (25 in) according to Kennel Club standards.
Weight: Weight is 30–40 kilograms (66–88 lb) for males and 22–32 kilograms (49–71 lb) for females.
Forehead,nose,jaws and muzzle: They have a domed forehead, a long square-cut muzzle and a black nose. The jaws are strong, with a scissor-like bite.
Eyes: The eyes are medium-sized and brown with a lively, intelligent, and self-assured look.
Ears: The ears are large and stand erect, open at the front and parallel, but they often are pulled back during movement.
Neck: They have a long neck, which is raised when excited and lowered when moving at a fast pace.
The tail is bushy and reaches to the hock.
German Shepherds

German Shepherds

Colours: German Shepherds can be a variety of colours, the most common of which are tan/black and red/black. Rarer colour variations include the sable, all-black, all-white, liver, and blue varieties.
German Shepherds sport a double coat. The outer coat, which sheds all year round, is close and dense with a thick undercoat. The coat is accepted in two variants; medium and long.
German Shepherds
Black and Brown and White German Shepherd Pictures
German Shepherd Temperament: German Shepherds often used as working dogs, they are courageous, keen, alert and fearless. Cheerful, obedient and eager to learn. Tranquil, confident, serious and clever. GSDs are extremely faithful, and brave. They will not think twice about giving their lives for their human pack.
German Shepherds
Black Sable German Shepherds
They have a high learning ability. German Shepherds love to be close to their families, but can be wary of strangers. This breed needs his people and should not be left isolated for long periods of time.They only bark when they feel it is necessary.They are especially well known for their police work, being used for tracking criminals, patrolling troubled areas, and detection and holding of suspects.
German Shepherd

Black Brown Big German Shepherd

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